You may have a family and only get the chance to travel a few weeks of the year, or perhaps you have embraced retirement with zest and enthusiasm, to discover every corner of this wonderful country of ours that you never had time to see before. You may even be from another country, here for a holiday and to take home memories of your tour downunder.

Welcome all. We hope you find this website useful in helping you to discover the places that you wish to find.

You may even consider contributing information about special places that you discover in your travels. Think of this as your nomad community website and join in the fun of making it even better. One of the most important tasks and one where you can be of great assistance, is verifying the accuracy of information and updating existing places already in the database.

This is an ongoing task. As time passes things change and one of the most frustrating experiences for those who rely on published information to find places to travel to, is to arrive to discover that the place has been closed. The great thing about a website is that it can be updated immediately new information comes to hand.

To make it easy to maintain the accuracy of the information, we have devised a verification scheme to provide confidence in the information on this website.

When someone verifies information as correct, after notifying any changes that need to be made, a green tick is added to the place when it is displayed in the search list. Over time, the green tick fades until, after several months, it disappears altogether. The search list is sorted by the currency of verification so that darker green ticks appear at the top of the list.

So if you visit a place that doesn’t have a green tick, or that has a faded tick, as a member you can log in and when you go to the page there will be a button at the bottom of the page labelled Contribute Content. Click on this to advise of any corrections to the information of that place. Add some photos if you have them and select the date on which you were last at this place. That date will be used to update the green tick.

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