Business Terms and Conditions

Meanings of terms:

The website means and any variations of that website or additional domains that access that website.
The Publisher means Amazing Faces Pty Ltd, ACN 001 987 944.
Plural and singular are interchangeable.
The Business refers to an organisation or person operating a business that is listed on the website.
Business Member means the company or person that owns the business and or person authorised by the company or the person who owns the business to act on behalf of that company or person, having a listing on the website.
Member means any person who has registerd their membership on the website.

Intellectual property:

The website, its design and its content are copyright of the publisher (all rights reserved). Some content of the website such as, but not limited to photographs, logos and brochures, are copyright of the owner, provider or creator of that content.

The cartoon characters Clyde and Charmaine Camel are trademarks of the publisher.

Terms and conditions:

The terms and conditions of this website are subject to change from time to time.
1. Listings of businesses on the website are provided free of charge.

2. Business members can choose between Unsubscribed listing and a Paid Subscription listing on a self-service basis.

3. Unsubscribed listings display limited information, even if the business owner has added information to their listing which may not be included in the unsubscribed listing.

4. Paid Subscription listings display information additional to that of the unsubscribed listing. The annual subscription cost is $99 including GST. Funds received from these subscriptions will help to pay for further develop the website to attract additional members and hence more customers for the businesses who are listed on the website.

5. For a limited time, a Complimentary listing may display all of the information for the business, which has been included in the website listing. The fact that all information may be displayed free of charge for a period of time, does not confer rights to the business member for continued complimentary listing of all information.

6. You will not be sent an invoice unless you have requested one by selecting a chargeable service via the self-service facility. We do not charge commissions or fees for any customer enquiry via the website or any bookings that you receive via the website.

7. Business members may have editing access to their listing, subject to the publisher’s approval.

8. Business members agree by registering and logging in to the website, to be bound by these terms and conditions.

9. Business members or their authorised employees or agents will not place any offensive or illegal material on their listing page on the website.

10. Material displayed on the Business listing is subject to approval of the publisher.

10a.The Member Promotion feature will only be used for providing special offers to members of this website. The offer must be genuine and current. The offer will be exclusive to members and not an offer that is available to others.

11. Business members will not display links to other websites other than the website that is exclusively owned by that business and which shows content related to the activities of that business, without approval from the publisher.

12. Business members will not display a link in their listing on the website which displays their listing page on another marketing website that is a competitor of, without approval from the publisher.

13. Business members agree to keep the information on their listing up-to-date and accurate.

14. Business members agree that they will notify the publisher via the contact form on the website or via email if they sell their business, cease operation of their business or no longer wish to have a listing on the website.