Clyde Camel

3 Second Gap Calculator

Charmaine Camel

It is widely accepted that the minimum safe distance between vehicles in the same lane, on a dry road in good conditions, is the distance travelled by the following vehicle in 3 seconds. This is known as the 3-second gap. However there are circumstance when the distance travelled in 3 seconds is insufficient. If the road is wet or unsound, then the distance should be increased. If the following vehicle is towing a caravan or trailer, additional buffer space should be allowed. In these cases it may be appropriate to increase the gap to say, 5 or 7 seconds.

This calculator has been created to demonstrate the gap distance in metres at the chosen speed, for 3, 5 and 7 second gaps. We hope that you find it useful and informative.

Clyde & Charmaine Camel wish you safe and enjoyable driving, no matter where you are or how you are travelling.