Clyde Camel

Overtaking Calculator

Charmaine Camel

Use this calculator to determine how far you will need to travel and how long it will take to safely overtake a vehicle. The calculator takes into account the length of your vehicle, the length of the vehicle that is being overtaken and the minimum safe gap, often referred to as the “3-second gap” both before and after overtaking.


The 3-second gap is the distance travelled in 3 seconds, by the vehicle following behind. It is accepted as the minimum gap that should be left between vehicles in the same lane when travelling. After overtaking, the gap left between the vehicles (G2) before returning to the left hand lane, should be at least the distance that will be travelled in 3 seconds by the vehicle that has just been overtaken.

Clyde & Charmaine Camel wish you a safe and enjoyable journey, no matter what you are driving or where you are heading.

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