How to use this website

The Find page has been designed for simplicity of use and ease of access to information. On the page, there is a Google map displaying Australia. Searches may be performed either by town, by place or by GPS coordinates. When a town or place name is typed into the search field, matching names will be displayed in a drop down list to choose from.

First set the radius of the area that you wish to search, by moving the slider on the search panel. The slider can be set at any value between 5km and 200km radius. The search criteria can be chosen from the drop down list on the search panel, but we suggest leaving it at the default – All Places, unless a refined search is required.

Type in a town or place name, or enter the GPS coordinates of the area you are interested in. But rather than type in the GPS coordinates we have designed the map so clicking the map at the place of interest automatically inserts the coordinates in the search field. Then click on the big red GO button and the map will be populated with LED-like markers. A list of places represented on the map by the markers will be displayed in the right hand panel.

We have also provided a shortcut for adding the GPS coordinates. If you hold down the SHIFT key as you click on the map, you don’t need to click the GO button. It all happens with just a click and the map is populated with markers.

When you mouse over either the LED Map Pin marker or the list item, the marker lights up, the list item is highlighted and information about the place is displayed in the panel above the map. This information includes the place name and the icons associated with that place so you can see at a glance what features are there.

Clicking the list item displays a page with information about that place. This includes text, icons, features, perhaps photos or a video. It also shows you GPS coordinates, address and contact details for that place.

The Regions pages group places in a common locality.

On the Lists page, your Contributed list shows all of the places to which you have contributed information or have added as a new place. Inside the Contributed list is a button that enables you to contribute new places to the website and you will be credited as the contributor.

If you decide to contribute information or new pages to the website, please note that this is not a forum. We do not publish opinions, person experiences or personal pronouns. We publish objective factual information only. Why not check to see what is there first, so you don’t repeat what others have sent.

The Trip Planner is a comprehensive tool that enables you to create a trip, print it out in various formats and even export it to a GPS navigator. Trips may also be exported to a file which can then be sent to others, to import into their own Trips page on the website. This is particularly handy for those organising group or club events.

Check out the Clyde & Charmaine YouTube Help Channel:

The publishers, while taking every care, accept no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided on this website. If you find any information that is inaccurate, please advise us so we may correct the error.