Far North Queensland Free Camping

Far North Queensland, or NFQ as it is often referred to, stretches from Cairns to the tip of Cape York. The northern half also extends west to the coast of the Gulf or Carpentaria.

James Earl Lookout

The Mulligan Highway passes through a rugged mountainous area south of Lakeland. Here, the James Earl Lookout offers free overnight stay with views over the Byestown Range.
Free Overnight CampDay Rest AreaToiletsAccessibleMobile Phone CoverageBinCaravansLong RigPets WelcomePhoto Opportunity
  • Overnight Rest Area
  • Day Use Area

Byerstown Range Rest Area

Byerstown Range Rest Area is a useful overnight stop very close to the James Earl Lookout (accessible from either direction) where there are toilets.
Free Overnight CampShadeCaravansLong RigCamp TrailersTent SitePets Welcome
  • Overnight Rest Area

Wangetti Beach Rest Area

Wangetti Beach Rest Area is located on the Captain Cook Highway, Between Oak Beach and Wangetti, 10 km north of Ellis Beach. There is room for about 10 RVs under the trees.
Free Overnight CampMaximum 72 hrsShadePicnic TablesFire PlaceBinCamp TrailersTent SiteGenerators AllowedPets WelcomeSwimming
  • Overnight Rest Area

Eureka Creek Rest Area

Eureka Creek Rest Area is a pleasant place for an overnight stay or just a coffee/lunch break on the way to the beautiful Chillagoe Caves.
Free Overnight CampDay Rest AreaShadeBinCaravansLong RigGenerators AllowedPets WelcomeSwimming
  • Day Use Area
  • Overnight Rest Area

Greenpatch Reserve Gordonvale

Greenpatch ReserveGordonvale is a convenient overnighter just off the old Bruce Highway. There is plenty of turning room. An easy walk to town for supplies will provide you with some morning exercise.
Free Overnight CampMaximum 24 hrsDay Rest AreaToiletsMobile Phone CoverageBinCaravansPets Welcome
  • Overnight Rest Area
  • Day Use Area

North Alice Creek Camping Area

North Alice Creek Camping Area is located in a rough section of the Telegraph Track, between North Alice & Ducie Creeks. There are no facilities here.
Rough Road ConditionsDry Access OnlyFree Overnight CampNo Long RigsTent SiteGenerators AllowedPets WelcomeBird WatchingWalkingPhoto Opportunity
  • Camping Area

Bertie Creek Camping Area

Bertie Creek Camping Area on the old Telegraph Track is a bush camp with no facilities. The creek has a rocky base with some potholes.
Free Overnight CampCamp TrailersTent SiteGenerators AllowedDry Access OnlyNo CaravansNo Long RigsPets WelcomeBird WatchingWalkingPhoto Opportunity
  • Camping Area

Dalhunty River Camping Area

At the Dalhunty River Camping Area, the river has shallow firm base. There is a nice cascade below crossing
Dry Access OnlyFree Overnight CampCamp TrailersTent SiteNo Long RigsGenerators AllowedPets WelcomeSwimmingBird WatchingWalkingPhoto Opportunity
  • Camping Area

Cannibal Creek Crossing

Cannibal Creek Crossing on the Old Telegraph Track, is a rough bush camp with few good camping sites. There are no facilities here.
Dry Access OnlyFree Overnight CampCamp TrailersTent SiteNo SwimmingNo Long RigsPets WelcomeGenerators Allowed
  • Camping Area

Cockatoo Creek

Cockatoo Creek is a nice big camping area, with several different spots. Toilet, creek to paddle in. On the north side of the creek left hand side, there is a smaller area on the right.
Dry Access OnlyFree Overnight CampGenerators AllowedToiletsCamp TrailersTent SiteNo Long RigsNo SwimmingPets WelcomeBird WatchingWalkingPhoto Opportunity
  • Camping Area

Sam Creek Crossing Camping Area

Sam Creek Crossing Camping Area, on the Old Telegraph Track has no facilities. There are some good campsites here and you will need to be fully self-contained.
Dry Access OnlyFree Overnight CampCaravansNo Long RigsTent SiteGenerators AllowedPets WelcomeNo Swimming
  • Camping Area

The Bend Camping Area

The Bend Camping Area, is quite small, with room for only six rigs and is located between the river and the road.
Rough Road ConditionsFree Overnight CampToiletsCaravansCamp TrailersTent SiteRiver Fishing
  • Camping Area
  • Overnight Rest Area
  • Fishing Spot

Palm Creek Camping Area

Palm Creek Camping Area is a bush camp with good camping along southern bank of the creek. The creek bank here is quite steep.
Dry Access OnlyFree Overnight CampCaravansNo Long RigsCamp TrailersTent SiteGenerators AllowedNo SwimmingBird WatchingWalkingPhoto Opportunity
  • Camping Area

Bridge Creek Camping Area

Bridge Creek Camping Area on the Old Telegraph Track is accessible only by 4WD vehicles with recovery equipment. The camping area is suitable for vehicle and tent based camping. This is a great place for a swim but beware of crocodiles.
Dry Access OnlyFree Overnight CampTent SiteGenerators AllowedPets WelcomeSwimming
  • Camping Area
Cattle production, tourism, agriculture and mining are the main industries here in the Top End of Queensland.

As with all remote areas in Australia, precautions should be taken with extra fuel and drinking water. Roads become less serviceable away from the main population centres and sometimes impassable in the wet season. It is also wise to carry a first aid kit and insect repellant, as the mosquitos up here can carry some nasty passengers and medical help may not always be immediately available.

Some parts of the country require 4WD when travelling off the beaten track. Local knowledge should always be sought if in doubt.