Great Southern Free Camping

The economy of the Great Southern is predominantly livestock farming and crop-growing. It has some of the richest cereal grain and pastoral land in the state, and is an important wool and lamb region.
Albany, which once hosted Australia's last whaling station, is a major fishing centre.

At the western side of the region around Walpole and Denmark, are some of the tallest hardwood trees in Australia. At the Valley of the Giants you can experience the forest from a birdseye perspective as you walk from treetop to treetop, 40m above the ground along an elevated walkway,

Whale World at Albany is a museum that displays the remnants of this old whaling station. Learn the story of the men who went in search of these gentle giants of the sea. One of the whale boats is permanently set up on the shore as a part of the display and visitors can explore the ship from stem to stern, posing at the controls of the harpoon gun or in the wheelhouse for a photograph.

There are informative audio visual displays and movies as well as guided tours, where an old salt will tell you the stories of the sea. There is also a skeleton display that includes a specimen of a full grown blue whale and numerous smaller whales and dolphin skeletons.

The Great Southern is famous for its wines and there are a number of top class wineries to visit in the area. There are also boutique cheese producers where you can taste goats cheese and other delicacies.

Also in the region is Australia's only Sandalwood Distillery at Mount Romance. This is the largest sandalwood distillery in the world and is owned by a company that is growing Indian Sandalwood in the Kimberleys and other regions of northern Australia. To date, the distillery has produced oil from wild Australian sandalwood harvested in the southern region, but soon the Indian sandalwood will be harvested and this too will be processed here. There is a gift shop where sandalwood oil and other products can be purchased.