South Gippsland Showgrounds

South Gippsland in Victoria is defined by the Latrobe Valley in the north and its low, rolling hills and rugged coastline in the south. Granite hills continue into Wilsons Promontory, the southernmost point of Victoria and mainland Australia.
Wilsons Promontory National Park features eucalypt forests and rainforests as well as its famous beaches, and is one of the most popular holiday areas in Victoria. Linked to mainland South Gippsland via a bridge at San Remo, Phillip Island is also a major tourist destination, noted particularly for its surf beaches, nightly Penguin Parade and Grand Prix track. 12,000 years ago, South Gippsland formed part of a land bridge to Tasmania the remnants of which is the Furneaux Group of islands. A ferry operates from Welshpool to Lady Barron Island, part of the Furneaux Group.

South Gippsland is exceptionally fertile with good rainfall, affording the conditions for agriculture in various forms.

South Gippsland is also the source of much of the State's energy with its brown coal in almost limitless quantities, supplying the power stations that keep the state operating. Unfortunately, this source of energy is highly polluting, producing a much higher proportion of CO2 emissions that any other source of power generation.