Victorian High Country Showgrounds

The echos of history rebound from the foothills of the Victorian High Country, where explorers were followed by fortune seekers, bandits and landholders. There is a poetry in this place from the granite of the mountains to the gentle valleys, as the seasons change and the paintbrush of nature retouches its masterpiece.
Ned Kelly new this place like the back of his hand. But now it is the playground of Victoria, where visitors come to rediscover the beauty and the magic, time and time again, while artists render it on canvas.

The North East of Victoria is criss-crossed by country roads where nothing is urgent and there is a new exciting discovery around every bend. Picturesque villages cling to the side of a mountain whilst brisque streams jumping with trout, tumble down rocky rapids.

This is Autumn Magic country, where the colours tell you what month it is. In the winter the snow falls and the fireplace crackles with a welcoming sound that enhances a glass of wine. Skiiers own the mountains and villages at this time of year.

As the spring arrives and the snow begins to melt, green shoots and wildflowers appear from nowhere. The summers are mild in the mountains. Streams and waterfalls play gentle music in the background as you enjoy a picnic and a swim. In the evening, wombats rustle in the understory like herds of miniature cattle of the night. In the daytime, birds of every colour enchant you with their song.