Western Wheatbelt Showgrounds

The Western Wheatbelt region partially surrounds the Perth metropolitan area, extending north from Perth to the mid west and east to the goldfields. It has an area of 154,862 sq km and a population of about 72,000 people. As you would expect, the main industry is farming and in particular, growing canola, wheat and other broadacre crops.
The Region has many small towns, each with a story to tell about its history. There are many museums and displays of times gone by, when the horse pulled the plough and harvesting was hard yakka.
The folk who live and work in the Wheatbelt have a strong sense of community. You see it everywhere that you travel. The towns are neat and tidy and welcoming. Many are RV friendly and provide camping areas, dump points and points of interest which are displayed on information boards.

The caravan parks are scattered throughout the region with most small towns having one. Some are council owned and operated while others are owned and operated by locals.

Tourism is becoming an important part of the local economy, with museums and interesting geological features such as numerous rocks to be visited. While Wave Rock is perhaps the best known, there are many others.