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Topic No 0011 The price of Tim Tams has gone up!

I'll pay anything. Totally addicted.
I will switch to a house or generic alternative.
Sugar is the enemy. I don't touch them.
What are Tim Tams?

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Topic No 0010 When it comes to food...

We both chip in and cook66%
One of us does it all28%
I have a really good can opener2%
I know the way to the pub/club/restaurant/cafe2%
Who needs food? We live on love!2%

Total Votes: 90

Topic No 0009 If all free camps were closed, I would...

Be forced to always stay in caravan parks39%
Sell my rig27%
Take my holidays overseas18%
Keep using caravan parks as usual10%
Move to New Zealand5%

Total Votes: 255

Topic No 0008 When on the road, how do you get the Internet?

Telstra Mobile70%
Both Telstra and another13%
Optus Mobile7%
WiFi at Caravan Parks etc.5%
Other Mobile3%
Internet Cafes1%

Total Votes: 268

Topic No 0007 Personal Safety On The Road

I take sensible precautions but don't worry55%
I am somewhat concerned but not worried22%
I am very concerned and only camp near others17%
Not at all concerned5%
Never thought about it1%

Total Votes: 199